Welcome To Berbangla Security Services Private Limited
Our Commitment Is Keeping you Safe
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Welcome To Berbangla Security Services Private Limited
Our Commitment Is Keeping you Safe
Our Services

Our History

Core Values

The countrywide security services operation  (in 34 districts under Four  administrative divisions) of Berbangla is being managed by a team of experienced and professional senior managers  at the head oPice, area managers, operations oPicers, inspectors and patrol supervisors in the field. Primary responsibility of this team is to ensure sustained security services operations. Besides, Berbangla operations wing carefully cross checks/analyzes the complaints raised by the clients and take immediate corrective measures to ensure better services. While addressing complaints, Berbangla operational managers generally keep in close touch with the clients to find out a solu- tion acceptable to them in order to maximize client’s satisfaction.

Berbangla Security Services Pvt. Ltd. is a private limited company registered with the Joint Stock Companies of Bangladesh. This company was established on 7th November 2020. Bearbangla aims at providing whole range of security services including but not limited to promised security, access control, were house security, patrol, body guard, armed guard, vehicle escort, caretaker services, investigation/inquiry, mobile phone operator, multinational companies, donor agencies and garment industries.

In near future Berbangla Security Services Pvt. Ltd. intends to work with UN agencies and foreign mission in Bangladesh. Along with the security related services Berbangla Secueity Services Pvt. Ltd. is also provid”ing facility services i, e; front desk executive, computer operator, driver, messen- ger, warehouse resources etc. In addition to the above Berbangla also carries out supply, installa- tion and Maintenance of security and fire fighting equipments. In last One years Berbangla has attained steady growth in security and facility services sector. Berbangla aims to achieve total customer satisfaction with quality and dedicated services round the clock. Berbangla has been established with the following mission, vision and motto;

To provide high quality security services to the valued clients. Mission To become market leader in this sector by 2027 vision

To protect assets and

interests of the clients. Motto

We believe in the following core values:

Compassion: We put client and client’s asset at the center of our focus while providing security and associated services with respect, compassion and dignity

Commitment: We will always uphold client’s trust by maintaining the highest professional standard and integrity

Excellence: We will continually seek advancement and innovation to achieve better service quality

Team Work: We dedicate and combine our skills, knowledge and experience for clients benefit

Value: We always seek to create and deliver value for our client

Ethnicity & Culture: We are committed to maintaining multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment in our organization along with promoting equal gender opportunity

Our Services

Uniformed Guard

Lady Security Officer

Close Protection Officer

With the increased threat of terrorism, deteriorating law & order situation, criminalization and prevailing threat of kidnapping, extortion and homicide by criminals, the protection of VIPs, dignitaries and executives has never been greater. Berbangla

specializes in providing protection services by well trained armed escorts/ unarmed body guards. We also provide vehicle escorts for VIPs and dignitaries. Our agents generally work in coordination with the local law enforcement agencies to attain optimum efficiency. We also carry out mobile route patrolling and deploy point’s man along VIPs route of movement to provide early warning and securing the route. We also have highly efficient driver for the escort vehicle. They are also adequately trained to extricate and escape with the VIP in case of ambush/roadblock organized by terrorists.

We provide lady security officer for corporate offices, multi-national companies, embassies and factories, where there are number of female employees or visitors. Our lady security personnel are educated, smart, well trained and presentable. They are specially trained on manners, etiquette’s and security checking. We select these female personnel from among number of aspirants to maintain better quality. Berbangla is an equal opportunity employer with opportunities for career development both for male and female.

Berbangla has highly professional Close Protection Officers (CPO) working with various multi-national companies and organizations. These officers were trained by senior military officers who received training from abroad and worked in Special Security Force (SSF), responsible for protection of head of states and foreign VVIPs.

CPO’s are well educated, smart with good IQ level and quick reflex capabilities. They have been trained both to work as a team and independently. CPO’s are well mannered, possesses good etiquette having good speaking and writing ability on English language. They are computer literate and able to operate smart phones with all essential apps required to protect international VIP’s and dignitaries. They are smart in appearance, strongly built and experienced. They are presentable and able to perform protocol duties.

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CEO Message

The unemployment rate in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. In addition to the educated unemployed, the number of low-educated unemployed people is also increasing proportionately. So the Berbangla Secueity Services Pvt. Ltd. has been continuously working to make these unemployed people as skilled people. I believe that with the right training, this potentially inadequate people will be able to become proficient, which will help in improving the economic unemployment problem solving this country.

— Md. Ashraf Hossain

Berbangla Security Services Private Limited

There is a human being, there is a clash. There is a clash/enmity/antagonism there is need of security. In our growing economy, currently, to safe guard the Men, Materials and information is require security. Having that pertaining issue, lot’s of Security Company has been raised.